grey owl, brass owl

enamel restroom sign

i say this every time i finish a room, but right now the bathroom is my “favourite” room in the house. i’m in love with the way it turned out, even more than i expected to be. i thought the paint, new fixtures, and reorganization would be an improvement, sure, but i didn’t expect a few days and $1,289 would create a dream bathroom. after all, we still have the same tiles, tub, toilet, shower hub, and layout — but i’m amazed by how different it feels and looks.

since posting photos from the day that the twins came, i’ve moved our toiletries back into the bathroom, cleaned the floors with something more than a lazy wet swiffer (for the first time), dabbed black spray paint over screw heads with a q-tip, and retrieved this brass owl from my office to preside over the room.

brass owl peach carnations

so, short of pierre not being totally happy with how his broadview ttc photograph turned out (i’ll admit it did look brighter on-screen) we are done in the bathroom! that means, with the exception of painting one last wall in the kitchen, we’re totally done the main floor (you can check out photos of the entire main floor here). just in time, too — the weather is getting nice and bungalow vs. backyard will be gearing up for round three pretty soon.

here are a slew (like 20+) of bathroom “after” photos. and if you need to be reminded of what it looked like “before,” that post is here.

bungalow bathroom

cast iron shelf bracket

ikea candle silver tray ceramic soap dish

floor board shelf

locker basketlocker basket bathroom cabinet locker basketbungalow bathroomemory doubleporcelain cross handlesteapot tapraincan shower headpfister tub and shower trimclassroom hook

gatco towel roduddgrund shower curtainbungalow bathroomfloating glass shelvesin a few days i’ll post a budget breakdown for anyone who is thinking of giving their own little bathroom a facelift or just curious about the cost spread (hint: that light fixture is by far the most expensive thing in the room). i’ll admit we pulled our $1,250 budget out of thin air: that is, we decided on a figure we thought was reasonable before doing any research into costs (same way we budgeted our wedding!), but i was somehow, almost bang-on in this case.

7 thoughts on “grey owl, brass owl

  1. that owl has miles on it… I bought that at a flea market when dad and I were first dating… might even have been the one at queen’s quay many moons ago! the bathroom looks awesome… i can’t believe how great that patched trim looks too! you’ll need to find the name of what the twins used to mend it.

    1. i didn’t know that! maybe it’s even worth something? it’s been in my office for five years (well, my cube and then my office) and it’s a damn fine-looking owl. i know this because there are a lot of owl figurines in my office building.

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