bathroom reno day 1½

grey owl

every paint job starts with a cup of coffee on the windowsill at my house! but since our bathroom paint job started late last night (witness the half painted wall) i didn’t press the coffee until this morning. last night our friends craig and sarah came over for pizza and sink removal good-times. craig and pierre also removed the tank from our toilet so that i could paint behind it (again, witness the half painted wall). that about summarizes the efforts of reno day ½.

bathroom in grey owl

 the efforts of the first full day of renovating were a little more strenuous. luckily my mom offered to come over, which was a huge help. and yes, we both fit in that bathroom at the same time. and i only kicked my mom in the head once.

i painted all the trim before my mom arrived and, when she got here, she started cutting in with bm grey owl. i picked this grey about a year and a half ago, the same day i picked all the colours for our house. i liked the name, which is also how i bet (and lose) on horse races. but my friend liz happened to have a tester can of this particular colour, so i also had a chance to try it on the wall before today, just to make sure it was right.

i wanted to paint the ceilings in the bathroom grey owl, too, so there was a lot of cutting in to do. to stay out of my mom’s way, and because i already had the roller out, i finished painting the trim in the kitchen while she worked on it. i now have just one more wall to paint in the kitchen — the big one with the old map on it — and then i will have officially painted every square inch of this house…twice! (two coats on the walls, after all.) and by painted every square inch, i mean patched, sanded, painted, and touched up every square inch. have i mentioned i’m never moving? painting is exhausting.

white toiletright now the toilet is the only functioning thing in our bathroom: no sink and the bathtub has been put of commission because my mom and i removed all the caulking today.

bathtub subway tilenote to previous homeowner: caulking is not polyfil! we used a caulk removal tool (made to look so easy on the package), an x-acto knife, and a lot of brute strength to clear out the moldy caulk. the caulk was so thick i was worried i was going to pull the tiles right off the wall, especially along the left side of the tub where the caulk was super thick. the dark line in the photo is not mold (it’s all gone!) — those are the foam panels behind the tiles.

shaker doori also removed the radio knobs that served as hooks on the back of our bathroom door, patched the holes, sanded them down, then gave parts of the door a fresh coat of paint. i have some small (read: “european-sized”) towel bars for the back of our door instead. albeit chosen mostly for their names, i think grey owl and sugar cookie work really well together.

restroom signi got this black-and-white enamel restroom sign with my light fixture order from school house electric. i’m a little on the fence about it right now, but i think i’ll wait until all the bathroom elements are in place before judging it super hard. which should be tomorrow, provided everything goes well with the twins!

other tasks crossed off the list today (but not pictured) include:

  • paint our medicine cabinet so that the twins can hang it tomorrow
  • paint a piece of moulding i’m hoping they can use to fix our baseboard
  • eat a delicious panini and peanut butter cookie at caketown on the danforth
  • charge all three of our drills, just in case
  • destroy a magic eraser trying to clean the grout between the floor tiles
  • remove the overhead fan cover from the shower and gag at the sight of all the dust

okay, well, i have a big day of supervising, coffee brewing, and chrome buffing tomorrow — and pierre has just informed me i didn’t polyfil an area to his standards and he’s redone it, so i can add sanding and repainting to that list. i’m going to need a hot bath after all this is finished…

2 thoughts on “bathroom reno day 1½

  1. I am super excited to see this room all finished. Love the grey! After seeing all the parts ( sink, taps, light fixture, framed broadview photo, and assorted knobs and shelving, shower curtain and cabinet) I’m sure you are going to be thrilled with the final product.

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