bathroom befores

even though bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a house — and ours certainly is! — it’s a super overwhelming space to tackle. there’s water and mould and plumbing and things that need to be disconnected and reconnected… out of all the rooms we’ve made-over, this one has required the most forethought and planning.

this is also why, out of all the rooms we’ve made-over, we’ve finally decided to make good on the contractor card that’s always lurked in our back pockets. just when we thought we’d met our match in a project and decided to call in a pro — when we were building a cement pad for our shed or removing trees or building a fence — we always just toughed it out ourselves (or called my dad!) but the plan all along for the bathroom has been to bring in the twins, who installed our living room window last year and can pretty much do anything, all the while singing sixties rock songs.

they’re coming on wednesday and i have the rest of the week off work so i can prep the space tonight and tomorrow, supervise the twins on wednesday, and then use thursday to clean up the bootprints and plaster dust before enjoying the easter long weekend.

here’s what we’re starting with:



we have a new shower head, arm, and flange that the twins will install, but we’re unable to change the shower hub and faucet given our budget and general desire to not convert our only bathroom into a war zone. i do have some clr, a caulking gun, and the will to work wonders with what we have though, so stay tuned.


new light fixture, new sink, new taps, and a plan for all that stuff currently occupying the window sill. our friend craig is coming over tonight to help us haul the old vanity out and i hope it’s not too much of a gong show back there.



this is our “toilet cubby” between the window wall and the shower hub wall. painting behind the toilet is going to be challenging, probably even more challenging than it was to take this photo — that area is, indeed, as small as it looks. craig is also going to help us remove the toilet tank tonight so i can get a quick coat of paint on that back wall before dinner and hopefully have it dry before anyone needs to go to the bathroom. i have some floating glass shelves for the twins to hang underneath the medicine cabinet for additional storage.


big plans to utilize this currently empty wall and pretty up the back of the door, too. an old boyfriend’s mom painted me that picture on the wall and i’ve always really liked it. i moved it into the kitchen a little while ago — pierre’s taken an awesome photograph we’re going to hang in here instead.

i’m really excited to get started and just giddy thinking about our new pedestal sink and porcelain cross-handle taps. and, like the cross-handle taps, my fingers are crossed that this all goes smoothly… i’ll likely have a progress post up end of day tomorrow or wednesday (or both) so check back daily.

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