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as explained in this post, i love the look of black-and-white subway tile in the bathroom. the jane hotel is my primary, drool-worthy example, where i stay every time i go to new york. the bathrooms are so gorgeous, i don’t even mind sharing them with everyone else on the floor.

alas, black-and-white subway tile might be a little extreme for our bathroom, given its small size and the fairly beachy colour palette (read: lots of white, wood, grey, and blue) of the rest of our main floor. we have white subway tile going halfway up the walls in our bathroom already, so i really did consider the idea of adding a black accent border…but, ultimately, see above.

there are going to be some black accents in our renovated bathroom, though, like the light shades we chose from schoolhouse electric, the cast iron brackets i spray painted a high-gloss black, and in our new shower curtain. so i hadn’t totally given up wistfully thinking about a black subway tile border.



so that’s where i got the idea to take a photo of black-and-white subway tile for our bathroom. how very meta.

pierre and i lived at broadview station for a little over three years, when we first moved to toronto together. we’ve also been known to savour the view that the station is named for. there’s honestly nothing more beautiful than seeing the city all laid out from the top of the riverdale park hill, whether it’s 6:00 am and we’re the only ones up, out for a run; or it’s a sunday afternoon and we’re getting coffee at the rooster. so, in addition to the station being perfect for this little idea, it also has sentimental value for us.

image via daily dose of imagery
image via daily dose of imagery

the frame i bought, to hang over the floorboard i’m going to mount on our bathroom wall, is a 10″ x 20″ floating frame with a dark wood stain. pierre took the broadview ttc photos on the weekend and now they’re with pikto in the distillery district being developed on fuji lustre paper. i don’t know if we’ll go with an 8″ x 18″ panorama or two 8″ x 8″ squares suspended side-by-side so i’ve sent all three photographs to be printed and we’ll be able to try out both concepts.

pretty excited for the work in the bathroom to begin next week! waiting on our light fixture, still, and debating picking up a toilet i saw on a woodbine lawn this afternoon? it looks newer and more compact than the one we currently have (and don’t have the budget to replace) so i may do a slow drive-by tomorrow.

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