pierre and i took a trip to ottawa recently to visit his brother, our sister-in-law, and the newest member of our family, our 6-week old nephew, jean-luc.


the drive from toronto to ottawa is a long one and so, the night before, i got the bright idea to google “antiques eastern ontario” and see if there was somewhere to stretch our legs along the way.


um, yes. there was. you’re looking at the farmers’ fields surrounding rideau antiques, a 10 minute detour off highway 15 north in a town called lombardy.


piles and piles and piles of stuff. the owner has taken a serious hoarding problem and turned it into a destination. i got a few pictures of outside, but once we were inside, the towers of things were so treacherous it was impossible to lift my arms to take many pictures. “single file” doesn’t even begin to describe the main house or the furniture loft. you are literally climbing over piles of rusty treasures and protecting your head from falling merchandise.



so many chairs suspended from the rafters. there was a whole other barn full of chairs (and corning-ware, and headboards) across the street. there was another floor above these chairs, but you had to walk on those rafters — more than a little perilous.


this is in the furniture loft and one of the few corners with a window so i could take a photograph. in most of the other “aisles” a flashlight would have been helpful.

we spent an hour and a half here and that was long enough for both of us — not long enough to dig out all of the potential treasures this place obviously held, but we were both getting pretty claustrophobic, i think.

nonetheless, i came away with some great finds for our upcoming bathroom reno:


a glass mickey pulled from the snow, which will look great with some wildflowers in it on the windowsill ($2) and a simple ceramic tumbler ($6) lifted from a towering pile of pots and cups that i’ll use for our toothbrushes and toothpaste. you can just see a sliver of one of the two pieces of blue, amish barn board i bought behind the tumbler ($2 each).


a better picture of the blue barn board. they’re about 5¾″ x 24″ and i love the colour. i pulled them from the snow, so you can see where they’re a bit wet. our basement is really dry at this time of year, so i’m just going to leave them downstairs to dry out. i’m actually going to use them in the kitchen, not the bathroom, as we have no open shelving and i’d love a spot to grow herbs (they get singed by the under cabinet lights when i put pots on the counter).

i think they’d look fabulous held up these cast iron brackets ($45), but i’ll have to keep looking for something as i’m definitely going to use these brackets in the bathroom.


curiously, one bracket is black and one is au naturel like someone decided to paint them and then changed their mind halfway through. since we’re going to have a few black accents in the bathroom i might go all the way with a glossy black spray paint, but i haven’t totally decided.


lastly, i got this old floor board, which is about 5″ x 30″ and the same colour as the nightstand i’m going to use for bathroom storage. i’m going to mount this as a shelf (using the cast iron brackets) to the right of our sink, just to have a shallow ledge perfect for a heating-up curling iron and a soap dish. i haven’t yet decided how i’m going to go about refinishing the nightstand or the floor board, but i want to figure out a way that maintains the colour in both pieces since they’re such a perfect match.

maybe just some soap and hot water with some steel wool to get all the grime off followed by a light sand to remove the paint and then some mineral oil. i’ll have to look into how to care for wood in a bathroom as it does get steamy in there. this side trip to lombardy created lots of little projects to keep me busy until we have everything we need to start the bathroom!

i’m hoping to take three days off in late march and have the contractors come on the second day. i’ll take the first day to caulk the bathtub, remove the fixtures, and paint. they’ll come on the second day to replace our baseboards, install the new sink, shower trim, light fixture, and hang anything that’s ready to hang. then, i’ll take the third day to buff the chrome, clean the floors, and organize our toiletries…and write a blog post, of course!

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