hot, cold

hot and cold faucets

i wasn’t going to do a post about the arrival of our sinks and taps because i really didn’t want to pull the pieces out of their boxes again to photograph them, but there’s kind of a funny story here so i thought it was worth a quick post. they arrived at my office on thursday (yes! my office! am i really the only person who has ever had a sink delivered to them at work?) and since the boxes were shipped from british columbia i was obliged to open the boxes, pull out the padding, open the smaller boxes actually containing the pieces, and check for damages.

it was all okay! so back into the boxes it all went and then i drove our car to work yesterday so i could bring the sink and taps home (it was all taking up a fair bit of room in my office).

yesterday, lunch time, i loaded the boxes onto a dolly and wheeled myself onto the elevator and down to the lobby. now, a year or two ago the turkish embassy took up residence on the third floor of our building. it’s not uncommon for protests and rallies to happen right outside of my office — policemen on bikes, megaphones, waving flags, placards, that kind of thing. mostly, the demonstrations don’t take us by surprise; we usually get an e-mail from the building’s super titled “protest today” or something like that.

but yesterday, for whatever reason, i was totally oblivious to the marching happening outside my building — until i was standing in the middle of it with a pedestal sink on a dolly, that is.

pedestal sink

i safely transported it to my car parked a few blocks away then wheeled the empty dolly back through the crowd (which is fairly polite, i might add — just say “excuse me” or “sorry” and the line will generally part for you) and back upstairs to my office. and then i unpacked it all at home to take these photographs because i wanted to share this little anecdote with you all.

cross handle taps

episode aside, i love the sink and taps and couldn’t be happier with the company i ordered them from, the pedestal sink was hard to find as we needed a sink that was 16″ deep or less (our current vanity is 16″ and we didn’t want anything larger than we currently have). most pedestal sinks seemed to be 20″ deep or a little larger and the smaller sinks i did find were clearly meant for elves. that is, they were really short, to balance out the shallowness of the bowl i guess. our current vanity is about 36″ high and we find that’s a good height, but many of the 14″ – 16″ sinks were 30″ – 32″ tall. that’s why this kent pedestal by cheviot is perfect: it’s 16″ deep x 19″ wide x 33½” high. it’s narrower than our current vanity, which is the only measurement i wanted to go down on; this’ll give us a little more wall and floor space, not to mention a generally more open feeling in the bathroom.

i chose the 4″ faucet drillings so we could get this teapot faucet with porcelain cross handles. they make all of my vintage bathroom dreams come true! i love love love them and can’t wait to have them installed. and all on budget, too! vintage tub offered free shipping plus, even though they’re a us-based company, they had a warehouse in bc that they could ship these items from, so no duties. all together this cost $400 including tax — $300 for the sink and $100 for the taps, which is exactly what i’d budgeted. which is great news as it’s looking like going over budget on our light fixture is a definite possibility.

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