lighting fixture frenzy

the list of stuff to buy before we can “break ground” on the bathroom is still long and, among other things, includes a light fixture. the one we have now is a nondescript frosted glass fixture from ikea. the one were going to have is a handcrafted-on-the-banks-of-the-monongahela-river-in-west-virginia beauty from schoolhouse electric. maybe. they’re kind of expensive. and, problem is, i love all of the lights.

i’ve been struggling to find lights i love at home depot and living lighting for a few weeks and — out of hundreds of fixtures — i managed to find a few that i liked (like this one), but none that were right enough for me to pull the trigger on. then i discovered schoolhouse electric, with its endless options to mix and match opal glass shades with handcrafted fixtures, and now i love too many lights for my own good.

who wants to weigh in and ease the torture that is loving every single permutation of fixture and shade?

here’s what we know for sure:

  • as much as i love some of the singles, the fixture needs to be a “double” wall sconce to work with the width of our mirror
  • we’ll go with the antique black or the polished nickel finish on the fixture (see reasoning below)
  • pretty much all of the 2.25″ shade choices (to fit the double wall sconces) are amazing and will be considered!
  • our new sink is a white porcelain pedestal, the walls will be painted light grey, and this is our new faucet (en route from pennsylvania)

here are our fixture options. look at them for style, not finish, as all of them are available in antique black and polished nickel. since all of our bathroom finishings (faucet, shower trim, etc) are chrome we don’t want to throw a bronze or satin nickel into the mix. the polished nickel would effectively match the chrome we already have or are buying, while the antique black would offer contrast without clashing.

emory in satin nickel irvine in bronzemontclair in antique black

i’m leaning towards fixture #1 or fixture #3 because i think they play up the curves in our new teapot-style faucet better. the bases on both are also a little bit larger than the base on #2 so i know for sure that those ones will cover the hole in the drywall.

here are a few of my favourite shades, but frankly, i like a lot of other ones, too, so long as they’re neutral (none of the ones with the thick coloured bands). you can view all that schoolhouse electric has to offer here, and i welcome votes for ones i haven’t shown.

CL227404225 BL227404225 OP227404225
CL103909225 BL005106225 FactoryShadeNo3_white

i could totally picture an edison bulb in the clear shades (but maybe we have way too many edison bulbs already?) and i especially like the shades with the thin, black detail line because it mirrors the “hot” and “cold” etched into the porcelain cross handles on our new faucet. but i also love opal glass and you can never go wrong with white!

the shades are sold separately from the fixtures so another option could be to buy a less expensive double wall sconce fixture from home depot, discard the shades that it comes with, and replace them with a pair of one of these styles above. i’d definitely consider that for budget reasons (with shipping, one of these lights would come out to over $300 — double what i was hoping to spend), but that might cause a major headache over millimetres (trying to get shades to fit an uncooperative fixture).

or, hey, who likes the light fixture i found at living lighting linked to at the top of this post, which can be all ours in the time it takes to drive to queen and woodbine and its within our budget?

okay, let me know what you like best!

3 thoughts on “lighting fixture frenzy

  1. I like the first one with the satin nickel finish. However, your taps are chrome. Do you want to keep these finishes the same? If so, does that satin nickel come in chrome?

    1. Yes, yes, as I said, we’d be purchasing a fixture in polished nickel or antique black so we don’t introduce a different finish. And you like that light, as is? Those were supposed to be the fixture options and then the shade options are below.

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