bathroom beginnings

in an earlier post, i hinted at what i hoped to accomplish with the $1,250 we’ve allotted towards our bathroom facelift. well, i’ve spent $27 of that $1,250 so far and here’s what i bought:


a few weekends ago, the same weekend i was looking at fabric swatches for our reupholstered chair, i did a cursory search on craigslist for nightstands. as impractical as it is, i’d really like to put a pedestal sink in our main bathroom — blame it on our honeymoon in nova scotia or a few of the first, older houses we looked at in 2010. as a result, we will need some alternative storage, and preferably some that isn’t open shelving. no matter how carefully you wrap the cord around a blow dryer, there are just some things you don’t want in plain sight. i thought a nightstand, one with a drawer or cabinet, could work perfectly — short enough to tuck under the bowl of the sink, shallower than our current vanity to give us a bit more floor space, and big enough to tuck the things with cords away.

this one was $15, located at donlands and danforth, hit all the marks on size and function, and, as a bonus, it’s a bit of a “project.” i’ve been doing a bit of research on sanding and staining and on bringing abused wood back to life, in general. this is a nice, small piece to tackle and i’m convinced it will shine up like a new penny. there’s room in the cubby for hand towels and face cloths and room in the drawer for my hair straightener and pierre’s electric razor and beard trimmer. a flat surface in the bathroom will be a welcome feature, too; our current vanity doesn’t have a countertop, so we’re forever balancing things on the edge of the sink. it’ll be nice to have a surface to dump my cosmetics onto while i’m getting ready or to put my glasses while i have a shower.


next, while i was in seattle, i found these old radio knobs for $6 each in a nondescript antique market at the top of the hill near pike place market. they jive perfectly with the old victrola record player knobs i affixed to the back of the bathroom door as towel hooks and i was hoping to find something unique to replace the silver pulls that are currently attached to our medicine cabinet.

now that work is quieting down a little bit, i’m hoping to find a day or two i can take off to work on both these little projects and get the much bigger bathroom project underway. i don’t really know where january went and february is looking just as busy, but that’s okay — my baker’s dozen of resolutions for 2013 included making smaller house to-do lists and giving myself longer timelines for projects. we accomplished a lot in the house in 2012, but it often came at the expense of spending time at the beach, running, or just chilling out together and that’s not really acceptable to either of us. this year, i’m trying to work on projects a little less intensely, and it must be working, seeing as i’ve done very little so far this year!

what do you think?

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