sleepless in seattle

while in seattle for the last five days for work my sleeplessness had nothing to do with grieving my wife’s death (a la tom hanks) and everything to do with my desire to fit in as much sightseeing as possible in and around a busy work schedule. that’s generally how i approach business trips — at full speed. when i’m in a new city on someone else’s dime, there just seems to be this added incentive to do as much as is physically possible while i’m there.

i’d never been to seattle before, but i was looking forward to seeing the flying fish and drinking copious amounts of coffee (which, incidentally, is required if you’re going to function on little sleep).

i booked myself on an 8am flight from pearson last thursday morning, requiring me to get up around 4.50 and into a cab at 5.45. it meant i arrived around lunchtime pacific time (after miraculously making my connecting flight in vancouver) though, which gave me most of thursday to do what i liked.

here are some of highlights from my trip:












the one thing i didn’t think through too well is that it doesn’t do to be exhausted going into back-t0-back trade shows. i flew home from seattle yesterday and set up at the metro toronto convention centre this morning — the ontario library association conference starts tomorrow and goes through the rest of this week.

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