keepin’ it regal

i was able to get over to princess perfect today and pick up our chair! the fabric we chose is by joanne fabrics, from the book prism, number 67j5551 and i’m so pleased with the colour, texture, and workmanship.

        livingroombefore     livingroomafter

as you can see, i also convinced pierre to let me try a bit of velvet moss (beauti-tone in pearl) on the french door. i thought such a regal looking chair deserved some regal looking accents (plus i’m always just wanting to switch things up a bit). i was a little unsure myself, but pierre dug his own grave when he brought me home a section of from saturday’s national post, which contained an article about painting doors titled “grand slam: interior doors shouldn’t be left out of a paint scheme.” from the article, verbatim: it’s just paint. if it looks really bad, you can paint over it.


but we both really like it, actually! i started the project really tentatively, using a foam roller on the flat part of the door, on one side. when i stepped back to have a look, i liked how the bevel was a different colour (still black, at this point). it gave so much depth to the door and really made the gold pop. and since the thing i was most worried about was the velvet moss touching the gold, i decided to try a ribbon of sugar cookie on the bevel and avoid that problem altogether.

when the door is closed it’s like so many layers: trim, bevel in the trim, flat part of the door, bevel in the door, and, finally, the gold-lined panes. it’s pretty effective at giving character to what’s just a big box door.


earlier this week, i covered the bright yellow liquor cabinet with two coats of the more muted velvet moss. light is streaming through the window in this picture, so it probably looks much the same as before, but i assure you it’s an appropriately mossy hue.


        bluechair3     bluechair5


blue velvet chair from all the angles. i’m out of things to say about this chair.


one other thing. i didn’t even notice the rag rug in our foyer contained the perfect ribbon of blue until i carted our chair in from the street and set it down on top of the rug while i ran out to park the car. i like where this is all going.

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