how much is that chair in the window?


our orange slice chair, which was never orange and is no longer avocado green, is ready! (we went with fabric swatch #5, by the way, thanks to everyone who offered their opinion.) i got the call yesterday from princess perfect, but due to very important post-work plans this week (running with kate, movies with sarah), i’m unable to pick the chair up until thursday.

but i was able to visit the chair on my run tonight with kate — i just made sure our route took us by pape and mortimer. looking forward to bringing it home later this week (and hoping to convince pierre to let me paint our foyer door before then — i’ve already redone our bright yellow liquor cupboard in the warmer shade and it looks great).

the woman behind the reupholstery job, lisa jo, tells me people have been poking their heads into her shop all day, asking if the blue chair in the window is for sale. frankly, at this point, someone would have to offer upwards of $750 to us if we were to let it go and make a respectable profit. between the cost of the original chair, the fabric, and the labour, this chair is practically, officially, nearly, as expensive as all ten of our dining room chairs combined. but i’m so in love with it.

and see that little bundle of joy underneath the chair? that’s the fabric remnants. and that’s going to become a pillow for our leather couch before the winter’s out.

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