dear house

last weekend’s trip to the door store wasn’t a total loss: i did get a register cover. and this piece of embroidery on linen.

i saw it leaning against a wall, sitting atop a mantle, with a few other pieces. heading deeper into the store, i found an apple crate with a few more, but, for obvious reasons, this is the one i wanted. it was the perfect message in the perfect colours for our house. supposedly, the piece had just been found in a box that morning and put out for sale, so it was perfect timing too. plus, it has these stitched christmas trees, so even though it will stay up all year, it’s perfectly festive for right now. and i also like how the man and his wife appear to be amish…

the frame it came in was not so perfect. a skinny wooden rectangle, missing its glass, and the back of the frame was just corrugated cardboard that the linen was cello-taped to.

the cardboard moved around our house for the last week, as i tried to figure out where i wanted to hang it (and tried to get pierre to warm to it). wall space is getting scarce and my options were limited to the living room or the dining room. i chose the dining room, the wall that the victrola is against specifically.

most of the frames in the house are either white or black gallery frames with white mats. some are from ikea, most are from the deserres down the street, and a handful are custom jobs. i debated between white and black for this spot: white to match the plant pot or black for the pendant cords.

it’s a bit of an awkward size, 12″ x 15″, so not great for matting. deserres had this white 13″ x 16″ floating frame available, which i thought might work best.

once i got the frame home, i set to work peeling the cello-tape off the cardboard, trying to free the linen. given the crispiness of the tape and the reluctance with which the cardboard parted with the linen, i gather these two things had been together for a very long time.

once i got it free, i was really glad i’d bought the floating frame — there’s a great fringe to the linen that would have been hidden by a mat. i’m also glad i decided to hang this in our dining room, because it echoes the fringe on our linen table runner really nicely, too.

because the linen had been curled around the cardboard for ages, i opted to iron the linen so that it lay flat between the panes of glass. linen’s about the only thing i’m not afraid to iron, since i’ve had so much practice on our table runner.

then, it was ready to go in the frame and get hung. after the adventure hanging our pendant lighting, i knew what i was up against with the plaster walls. the laser level, drill, hammer, and screw driver all helped with this one.

not a monumental undertaking by any means, but a good example of how adding things to your home over time can refresh rooms you thought were done. with the pendant lighting cords snaking up the wall, i didn’t think we needed anything more for that wall, but i’m really glad i picked this up! plus, i really can’t think of a more apt message to hang in our house.

what do you think?

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