triple word score

i’ve been keeping my eyes open for a used scrabble game for a year or two, knowing there are hundreds of them selling for $2 at garage sales and church rummage sales. unfortunately (or fortunately), i’ve never been to a garage sale or church rummage sale, so that made my finding a $2 scrabble board at one of those events impossible.

last sunday, i turned to kijiji and, within minutes, i had made arrangements to meet a girl at the corner of queen west and gladstone the next day. up for grabs? one original scrabble game with wooden tiles: $8 obo.

at 12:30 on monday i left my office to take the streetcar to our 1:00 meeting at the fresh co, formerly an incredibly sketchy price chopper. after i inspected the “goods,” we made the exchange — undoubtedly the most innocent exchange to have ever happened in that parking lot.

okay, so what did i want with a vintage scrabble game? it wasn’t to play scrabble with (though, unsurprisingly, i do love scrabble). nope, it was to make some very grown-up versions of those florescent, plastic, fridge magnets we all had as kids!

because she’s the best, my mom spent all week sourcing 100 magnets of the perfect size for me. and then i borrowed her glue gun and kitchen counter to make these this morning.

it was a super simple project. lay out some newspaper (after you’ve read it and sipped a large coffee, of course), heat up your glue gun, spread out your tiles letter-side down, and then put a dollop of glue in the centre of each tile. they were perfectly dry within a few minutes.

pressing each magnet into each tile’s centre reminded me of baking “nipple cookies,” a recipe made famous by my friend ian’s mom, which involve pressing hershey’s kisses into the centres of peanut butter cookies.

there are 100 tiles in a game of scrabble and there are 96 on my fridge. i’ve reserved a “t,” “g,” “p,” and an “l,” thinking i might turn them into cufflinks for my brother and husband one of these days.

i’ve gotta say — these look way nicer than the magnets we’ve been using up until now. it’s not like the bar was set very high, though. we mostly had magnets that came free in the mail — promo pieces for various real estate agents’ services and the riverdale foot clinic.

i’m looking forward to practicing my spelling while i wait for water to boil! i’m also now the owner of a scrabble game without any tiles: $4 obo.

ps. since posting this, i’ve realized the letters do double duty as numbers! provided you only need the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10.  

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