bulletin board -2.0

our dining room table for ten just keeps on giving.

so far, i’ve made a tie rack (that now also holds my enormous collection of scarves) and propped up speakers inside our victrola, pierre has made a cutting board, and now i’ve made some things for our spare bedroom, which have no known name, but are both pretty and useful, from the scraps. i have been calling these new things “walnut strips” and they function like bulletin boards.

i wanted something like a bulletin board in our spare room. something that was like a bulletin board — that served a bulletin board’s purpose — but that something could not actually be a bulletin board. because bulletin boards are ugly. i know there are a lot of diy options out there that make bulletin boards less ugly, but even wrapped in pretty paper or housed in a cool frame…i don’t know, they just remind me of the office and dorm rooms.

besides, going out and buying a bulletin board and putting it on my wall because i needed something to pin receipts and concert stubs and (dozens of) bridal shower invitations to would be way too easy.

pierre used the skill saw my dad bought for our shed pad project (and then left behind) to trim three pieces to a length of 25″. i sanded all sides using a palm sander and shop-vac’d them clean. then, i used a size 10 counter-sink bit to drill out holes 1″ from each end so that they could all be mounted to the wall next to our desk using wood screws. the fronts and sides of each strip got a good buffing using the rubio monocoat and then they were left to cure for a few nights.

i bought these ¾” blued carpet tacks from home depot because they were the right size and shape. i wanted some of those stubby picture nails with the good sized heads, but apparently “stubby picture nails” aren’t really a thing (even though i own some so i know you must be able to get them somewhere). that was my original vision, anyways, but it turns out i like what i ended up with much better.

two packages yielded 76 tacks, so i had enough to evenly space 11 of them across each strip. i used our tiniest drill bit to pre-drill holes and hammered them in. and now they’re up on the wall and handling the demands of their sturdier cousin — the bulletin board — admirably.

funnily enough, it wasn’t until i’d made the first one that i realized where i must have subconsciously got my inspiration:

this is the coat rack that my cousin’s husband made us as a wedding gift. it hangs in our foyer, and i think it shares an uncanny resemblance to the regressive bulletin boards i just made.

i love how we can so easily rotate out postcards, clippings, pictures, and thank you notes without putting any new holes in the wall. it also gives us a place for all of our unrecorded receipts and unpaid bills, so that when it comes time for our biweekly money meeting we’re not rooting around our wallets, jean pockets, or car glove box for wayward slips of paper.

what do you think? would you have just bought a bulletin board? how do you organize all your scraps of paper made necessary by life?

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