between the covers

when we moved our dressers out of our spare bedroom (yay!), i realized that those dressers had been hiding long-forgotten stuffed-behind technical contraptions, like our internet modem and router.

the new set-up didn’t afford any convenient hiding places — no drawers, no bulky furniture — so it was either we display all our wires and devices, or i muddle together a way to make things better.

enter hardcover editions of a farewell to arms by ernest hemingway and lady chatterley’s lover by d. h. lawrence. both of these books i’ve read once, and neither made it upstairs to the living room when i was selecting books for our upstairs shelving unit. they were just hanging out in our basement, next to other books i liked enough not to donate to the library, but didn’t like enough to keep on-hand by the couch.

both books also had these things in common: fairly thick, sturdy spines; pretty to look at but unlikely to ever be read again; and embossed with gold leaf — perfect accents for the spare bedroom, perhaps?

using a knife, i cut along the endpapers of each book, cleanly removing the signatures from between the covers.

then, i tucked modem between the empty covers of the hemingway and the router between the empty covers of the lawrence, hiding the ugly black boxes and rescuing two attractive editions from the basement.

when i was younger (but just as crafty) my best friend meghan and i would cut deep holes in the pages of old books and use them to pass notes or store “secret” treasures. i think that’s probably where this idea came from — pulled from the depths of my childhood adventures in espionage. it’s something very appropriate to do to an old nancy drew or hardy boys title (that whiff of mystery and all), and if i’d had one on hand i would have chosen one of those!

9 thoughts on “between the covers

  1. Nerd warning! Check to make sure the router and modem aren’t getting too hot in the book jackets. Sometimes they’ll have vents on the top or sides and restricting airflow can cause overheating. You’re *probably* okay, but just check.

    And look: I left a comment.

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