in a completely nonsensical way, i’ve often felt if i couldn’t live right in the centre of a big city the only other place for me would be the countryside. sometimes i catch myself longing for a life with gingham curtains, a sunny garden, and a kettle that’s always about to boil. i’m aware that’s a totally simplistic view of things, that i wouldn’t find farm life so dreamy when i was getting up at 4am to milk the cows, when there was no one around to talk to except the cows.

even if there aren’t any cows in our future, i could see us living a more countrified type of life someday… but until then, there’s benjamin moore’s buttermilk, which is now the colour of our sunny spare bedroom.

this room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, what with the only window facing directly into a brick wall, but i’m really pleased with this pale yellow. it’s very subtle; it doesn’t scream yellow in the same way as our sewing table, but it does warm the room right up.

the comfy chair is new, too. it was made by westnofa, a norwegian company, in the 1970s out of bentwood. i was looking for a blue-grey chair to work with the buttermilk and the tiffany blue desk chair and this fabric was perfect. it reminds me of worked-in, favourite blue jeans (and it’s about as comfortable as those would be, too). also important was the size. i needed something big enough to curl up in, but small enough to ensure the room stayed useable. this bedroom is under 70 square feet, after all!

i’m really excited to share the full reveal of this room. as i hinted at earlier, i think it’s going to wind up being my favourite room in the house. there are a few more small projects to finish before it’s ready, but i’m just starting a 2-week vacation and i’m aiming to have it done before i return to work.

6 thoughts on “buttermilk

  1. i thought you were supposed to be helping outside. 🙂 looks quite relaxing in there. you need a great lamp now to enjoy your favourite books by.

  2. Ah, another BM Buttermilk appreciator! We painted our living/dining room this colour before moving in (only we toned it down to 3/4 to soften it just a bit). 3 years later we still love it. My accents are chocolate brown, and collection of blues and greens. Still needing to sew up the pillow cases I made that tie it all together …

    1. Paula! Nice to have you back. I really wanted a country yellow (one called Wheat Sheaf was tempting) and the BM lady had to convince me on Buttermilk – it just didn’t look that yellow in the store. But the room is so tiny and against the white baseboards I think it looks exactly yellow enough. I could definitely see it working well with your browns, blues, and greens!

      1. The BM lady pulled Buttermilk out for us too when I told her I wanted a hint of yellow. Still lovin’ it! Can’t wait to see the reveal for this room:).

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