better bricks than bodies

there will be surprises sometimes (always) when you’re living in and working on an older home. so far, we haven’t had many bad surprises, although we have learned we should always budget more time into our plans, because nothing is ever quite what it seems at first glance.

in my last post, i talked about tearing down our old shed and mentioned some “prep work” required for our new shed, which is being built in just over a week. that prep work referred to rebuilding the patio stone pad that had been supporting our old shed since sometime before i was born. we wanted to introduce some novel concepts like “level ground” and “good drainage” to the 80 square foot space. (oh, and i’m going to try and forget that our new shed is nearly as large as our master bedroom.)

so pierre very dutifully pulled up the old patio stones with a pickaxe and discovered…

…lots and lots of bricks…

…from the toronto brick company!

anyone who knows me (and even some people who don’t) knows that the evergreen brick works is my favourite place in toronto. if you want to see a smile light up my face, try suggesting a run along the belt line to the brick works and give me $3 for coffee. of course, the space that is now known as the evergreen brick works is the former site of the toronto brick company, responsible for producing many of the bricks that built this city (and, apparently, supported my shed for decades).

i was super excited by the discovery, but i think pierre was not. granted, it was he who now had to dig 40 bricks out of the earth before we could move forward with our plan to stake out and level an area for our new pad. brick works association aside, i love uncovering random relics of history on our property. we’re only the third-ever owners of our house, so i think it’s neat when we come across things like these bricks, which have probably been buried there for decades.

unfortunately, many of the bricks are broken, so i don’t think there’s an option to re-use them in a backyard project. but maybe that’s just my limited imagination talking. any ideas?

5 thoughts on “better bricks than bodies

  1. I will take them if you don’t use them!!! I have so many old brick plans.

    But if you want to keep them,Matt and I used old bricks to tile the small part of the yard in front of our house, maybe you have a weird patch for a similar project — eg. where you put the trash or framing a flower garden or something. You definitely have enough for a decorative edge around a small garden.

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