little bungalow turns 1

i don’t know which to be more surprised by — the fact that this blog has been in existence for 365 days or all the changes that have taken place in our house over this last year. maybe it’s a little bit of both.

a big thanks to everyone who reads this — i get lots of e-mails, comments on facebook, and face-to-face kudos from readers, so even though there are only a handful of you who take the trouble to give wordpress your name and e-mail address and actually comment on the blog, i know there are lots of friends and family, and some strangers (!), out there who are reading this. (but seriously, comments are super appreciated, so please leave one if you have a thought.)

to celebrate little bungalow’s one year anniversary, here are links to five of my favourite posts (and projects!) from this past year. yep, i’m “mining the backlist” for this post, as we say in publishing.

  1. tieing one on
  2. living room: after
  3. something old, something new
  4. no planing required
  5. vintagin’ usa

take some time to check out the best of the backlist above, and i promise that there’s lots more coming your way this summer — there are some things happening in the backyard right now that are both beautiful (adorable shutters!) and practical (privacy!) and a reworking of the spare bedroom is slowly turning this former afterthought of a room into my favourite room in the house.

what do you think?

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