master bedroom reveal

after one month of work — well, maybe 5 days of work within that month — our master bedroom is finally ready for a reveal. i still need to source, sand, paint, and hang a new door, and maybe find a basket to tuck under the dresser for belts, but other than that the bedroom can only be described using pierre’s favourite word: done.

now, it’s by no means my dream bedroom. there’s no juliet balcony, billowing drapes, or clawfoot tub. no cathedral ceiling, wide plank floors, or walk-in closet. but i think it’s pretty damn good for 93 square feet.

and frankly, this bedroom is probably the only reason we were able to snag a great house in a great neighbourhood for $20,000 under-asking in toronto, where that kind of talk is just silly, so i’m kind of grateful to it. if this bedroom had been 9′ wide instead of 7′1″ wide, i’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit this house four times and ruminate for weeks over making an offer. (i will try to remember i wrote this next time i shimmy along the wall to open the bedroom window.)

it might not be perfect, but i am proud of the way we’ve managed to cram a place for sleeping, a place for all our clothes, a place for piling up books, and a place for putting on socks into such a tiny room. all without it looking crammed (at least, i don’t think it does). if nothing else, this little house forces me to fire all my creative cylinders, all the time.

anyways, i think i’ll let the photographs do most of the talking, but i’d love to hear what you think in the comments! (ps if you’re stuck for something to say, check out the before pictures and than try praise.)

2 thoughts on “master bedroom reveal

  1. AMAZING transformation! I admire your creativity and your NEATNESS! I am much too much of the antitheses of neatness to ever show my bedroom to the public never mind the closet. You make your room look like a piece of art. Well done you two!

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