oh joy!

over the weekend, i wallpapered the inside of our bedroom closet.

the few people that i told ahead of time that i was going to do this all had the same reaction. that reaction was: um, wallpapering the inside of your closet? whyyyy? 

so pretty is why!

i have always loved a little bit of wallpaper — not the kind that’s peeling in pink layers off plaster walls, not the kind that’s stained with years of cigarette smoke, not the kind that’s disney-themed, not the kind that’s in every room, but an accent wall that’s not painted can be kind of fun. and if it’s just one wall in one tiny room, it’s not really that hard to remove if you change your mind one day.

because i had heard (mostly from the same people who were anti-wallpapering the closet) that you should never wallpaper with your spouse, i enlisted my mom to help me with the job (because she must love me always, wallpaper disasters aside).

after i had located the perfect paper pattern (petal pusher in white/gold) — say that 5 times fast — from philadelphia-based designer oh joy! (joy deangdeelert cho) via US company hygge & west and ordered it, my mom and i measured it twice, cut it once, and glued it twice (not enough glue on the first go).

and then we booked it:

and then we pasted it:

and then we went to celena’s for nanaimo bars.

the white/blue version of this pattern is featured in covet garden’s issue 21, which features nikole of herriott grace fame, and is admittedly where i first came across it. i really liked the saturation of colour and the pattern, and when i saw it came in white/gold i liked it even more. the white is a very warm white, and almost exactly matches the trim and walls in our bedroom; you almost might think the flowers had been stenciled on to the wall, the whites are that seamless.

i do have a little dresser that’s going to be moving into the closet space soon (you can see that before & after here if you missed it) and we have rods and shelves and a mirror and clothes to hang up in there, too. so in the end we won’t get the full frontal effect of this beautiful paper, but i’m willing to bet the peeks we do get of the pretty pattern will have made wallpapering worth the time and expense. agree or disagree?

6 thoughts on “oh joy!

  1. It looks amazing! Did you get it trimmed ok? Can’t wait to see the finished product with the dresser and shelving. xx

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