pimp my bed

despite my lack of a post yesterday, i do remain optimistic about the master bedroom makeover! but due to ikea and math throwing a wrench into one of my storage solutions, i need to revisit the timeline i originally proposed for the project. that’s to say, a few modifications to the aspelund underbed storage containers are necessary before we can move forward here, and i won’t see my dad and his bag of magic tools until later this week, so no, the bedroom won’t be done tomorrow, and yes, the last posts might be scattered throughout the week.

progress, however, has continued unabated, so let’s have an update. last we left things, our bedroom was a sugar cookie shell, with our queen-sized bed jammed into our twin-size spare bedroom.

early on in the planning process for this project, i realized that the key to fitting everything we wanted into our room lay in our bed. it takes up pretty well all the floor space in the room, leaving no room for a dresser or wardrobe. if we’d bought our house before we bought our bed, we might have stuck with the double-size i’d been carting around since second year university, or at least bought a bed that had captain’s drawers. instead, we bought our new bed with wedding money, and then we bought this tiny house six months after that.

i thought if we could get the bed off the floor — the frame it was on only gave about three inches clearance — we could find some underbed storage containers to hold bulkier tops (like pierre’s alpaca sweaters — plural) and our vast assortment of running outfits.

i managed to find these high rise bed frame adjustable casters through and so when the bed frame moved back into our bedroom on thursday night, it got some new wheels. the new casters promised up to 10″ of height and we raised the bed to 7¼″. the aforementioned aspelund underbed storage containers came up to 6¾″. so far, so good.

i should mention that the aspelund has been discontinued. last winter, when i started plotting ways to make our bedroom work, aspelund was available on the ikea website and it was the best-sized product for our particular situation. by april, when i was ready to start buying up supplies, it had disappeared off the site, so i resigned myself to engan, which was only 51″ deep. when i went to buy the engan at ikea, i decided i’d pop upstairs to the showroom rather than heading directly to the marketplace, just to walk around — i was by myself, i had time, i had coffee, this is what i do for fun. lo and behold, they had the aspelund on display, marked down to $49.99, with a sign that said “get it while you can!” so that was lucky and i bought two.

over the last few weeks i’d been painting the storage containers. ikea didn’t bother, seeing as they’re meant for under the bed, but i thought i’d give them just one coat with what was still left of my quart of monterey white. i put one container together yesterday, and as soon as i did i realized there was no way two were going to fit under the bed together. (guess i should have bought the narrower, shorter engan style after all.)

(i also realized they were meant to roll horizontally under the bed, but i needed them to roll vertically, so i switched the direction of all the wheels along the bottom.)

they weren’t going to fit under there together because i incorrectly assumed that the casters that support the bed frame were all at the outermost corners. in reality they are set quite a bit into the frame, meaning the 76″ depth of the bed wasn’t the depth i had available to me. i was pretty disappointed for about five minutes. one, because we really need both containers if we’re going to get all our clothes in our room, and two, because i’d already painted both aspelunds and so couldn’t return the one that didn’t fit. firewood.

then i realized it would be pretty easy to cut the second container down to be about 2/3 the size — say 17″ wide instead of 26¾″ — and i was pleased again, although here’s where our slight delay and unanticipated work comes in.

the other thing is the width of our bed is about 58″, but the length of the aspelund containers is 63″. i knew that going in, but thought what’s a few inches overhang on either side, especially with a bed skirt to cover things up? a lot of stubbed toes and angry husbands is what it is. so i’m actually going to cut down the length of both containers to 58″. this means taking apart the one i already put together and cutting it, too.

you’ll notice from these pictures that we’ve flipped the way the bed is orientated in the bedroom. this is so we can pull the containers out from under the bed fully. it’s a tight little shimmy along the foot of the bed for the person who sleeps on the left side, but that sacrifice means a whole lot more room on the right side of the bed.

you’ll also notice that our bed frame is slightly longer than our boxspring — about 81″ when our boxspring is only 79″ — so pierre saws-alled 2″ off the end of the bed frame. this is the truest indication of how effing small our bedroom is — the fact that an extra 2″ on the end of our bed frame is worth getting a power tool out to eliminate.

but honestly, now that our mattress and sheets and duvet are all piled on the bed, no one’s going to be shimmying along the wall to the left side. i anticipate a lot of climbing over each other in our future, but i guess this is the price we pay for buying a house with a 7′ wide master bedroom.

here are a few more shots of the room coming together yesterday:

the floating nighttables we bought as a stop-gap measure for the bedroom are getting re-used, and the lights i built based on a post on manhattan nest got rehung yesterday, too.

trying out some pictures on the wall, and also thinking our pied a terre sidechair, originally meant for our not-happening ensuite bathroom and most recently living in the spare bedroom, has found a new home. i’m thrilled we can fit so much as a vanity chair in our bedroom thanks to the new layout.

3 thoughts on “pimp my bed

  1. I love the way your bedroom came out, so cozy! And I also love the idea of storage underneath the bed, I seriously have to work on that in my bedroom. Anyway, I just thought the end-result looked so nice with your bedskirt, duvet AND I love your “end shelves” and side lamps!

    1. Thanks Linn! The bedroom is only half done, but glad you like how it’s coming along! PS I like how your 1940s bungalow is coming together, too – especially that kitchen floor!

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