smaller when empty

i put in an epic day of painting today, starting around 11am and finishing around 7pm — even eating my lunch of an apple and cheese with one hand while wielding a paintbrush with the other.

but before i could do any of that, i had to clear out the master bedroom. i removed pierre’s tie rack, our white mirror, two floating nightstands, and two bedside lights, then pulled all the plugs out of the walls. then i looked at the bed. from all angles. and wondered how the heck i was going to get it out of the bedroom, and where i was going to put it.

somehow, the whole enterprise — bedframe, boxspring, heaviest mattress ever — ended up in our spare bedroom. i don’t know whether i’m more impressed with myself for getting it in there without killing myself (or the house) or with the fact that a queen size bed even “fit” in our spare bedroom. it doesn’t really fit. but it’s not in our hallway, so i’m counting it.

the master bedroom was now as empty as the day we moved in, albeit a little worse for wear. (a year and a half with only 12 inches on either side of the bed means we’ve added our share of marks and scratches to the walls.)

is it possible that this room looks even smaller without furniture in it?

after poly-filling all the holes and sanding away the excess, and laying down some painter’s tape, and pressing a big bodom of coffee, i was ready to paint. the choice was benjamin moore sugar cookie (walls) on sugar cookie (trim), just like our foyer. this is the white we picked for the whole house, so all the trim we’ve painted so far is sugar cookie, but other than the foyer this is the first room that’s also getting the sugar cookie treatment on the walls.

the upside is i was painting sugar cookie over top of behr’s toasted marshmallow, so i wasn’t using a white to cover a dark green or anything. which meant only one coat on the trim and two coats on the walls. the downside is, i spent eight hours painting a room that pretty much looks the same now as it did when i started. i mean, know it’s different, and i think sugar cookie is a superior white to toasted marshmallow, but it is a little bit anticlimactic to spend an entire day painting a room a different shade of white.

anticlimactic or not, i really like the end result. and now that the tedious job of painting is out of the way, i can rest up for tomorrow’s project, which promises to take this itty bitty room to new heights.

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