ready to start

in the fall of 2010, when pierre and i were moving past window shopping on streets we couldn’t afford to live on (bain, withrow, riverdale)…and actually getting serious about buying some property…and we’d looked at our house twice and thought we might like to buy it…but if we did it would be because we were going to put some serious money into an addition…we had dinner with my parents to see if they thought our little bungalow would be a good buy.

they were totally keen, praising the neighbourhood, large lot, existence of a driveway, and proximity to the danforth, when they came by for a look themselves the next morning. they were so keen on the property they also volunteered the money we’d need for the renovation, so long as we handled the down payment, mortgage payments, property insurance, and all that other jazz that makes me buy no-name tinfoil. knowing my parents weren’t necessarily expecting pierre and i would go from looking at a few open houses to actually bidding on places in the span of a few short months, and that they might have had other plans for $100,000 that fall, i specifically remember telling my dad that we didn’t need to do the renovation right away. “we could buy it now and live in it just as it is — i mean, it’s small, but it’s not exactly a dump — and we could do the renovation in spring 2012. i mean, you don’t need to give us the money next week or anything. i’m pretty sure i could survive 18 months in a bedroom that’s seven feet wide. but after then, i’d go crazy.”

well, you folks know the story about how the renovation got spiked because we found we were actually super content to be living in a cozy 710 square foot space, working away on the rooms and a dozen space economizing projects to make this place home. but all the super content and super cozy in the world doesn’t change the width of our bedroom from 7′1″ and — oh look, we took possession of the house 17.5 months ago. like it was on a timer, the width of that bedroom is now driving me certifiably crazy.

actually, i should rephrase that. because i am an optimist and i love my little house to (very small) pieces, i’m confident i can make a 93 square foot master bedroom work for two people. if i didn’t think i could, we would have gone ahead with the renovation as planned. so it’s not really the (lack of) space that’s driving me crazy so much as the fact that we haven’t optimized it at all.

but all that’s going to change. this week, i am going to take the smallest bedroom i’ve ever slept in (let alone shared with another person) and get a queen size bed, two nightstands, two bedside lights, a 3-drawer dresser, and all of our clothes and accessories, in there. and it’s all going to function like a properly sized bedroom would function. and it’s going to look good.

so, i’ve booked a few days off work, and tomorrow is the day that everything is coming off the walls, holes are getting poly-filled, baseboards are getting taped, the box-spring and mattress are moving into our spare bedroom (if they will fit) for a few nights, and i’m generally getting ready to start the transformation. stay tuned! i’m going to try and do an update at the end of each day, so long as i’m able to remain optimistic.

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