married to captain hook

when we first moved into our bungalow, our second bedroom, the second bedroom we were so excited about having — another room with a door was pretty exciting stuff — was basically just big enough to hold the dressers and clothes that wouldn’t fit into our master bedroom. so the second bedroom was essentially our closet, and once again, anything we did that wasn’t sleeping, was done in the living room.

last summer this blog kicked off with an account of some rummaging we’d done in fenelon falls, closest town to a cottage we’d rented with our friends for a week. i picked up this turquoise thermos for $25 and thought it would be perfect for keeping fresh flowers on the dusty sewing table in our basement, once i’d refinished it — and somehow found room for it upstairs.

find room for it i did, moving our off-season clothes to bins in the basement, and condensing the rest of our clothes into a single six-drawer dresser. (and selling my three-drawer dresser for $25 on craigslist.) that gave me enough room to move the now-finished sewing table (and vase) into our second bedroom, finally giving us a little bit of privacy when one of us wanted to google how to poach an egg or live stream track-and-field meets, whichever the case may be.

well, the weekend where my mom and i are going to transform the master bedroom is quickly approaching — and by transform i mean make my amateur closet design (home hardware and ikea and several ruminations in a moleskine) a reality so that not just one, but both dressers, are out of our spare bedroom and all our clothes are in one room. (those of you who have seen our master bedroom — pierre included — may think this is impossible, but just wait!) and mark your calendars: i’m going to do a blog-post-a-day through the five-day transformation starting may 31st.

best of all, out of the rubble of the master bedroom makeover, a second bedroom will emerge. once all the clothes are out of the spare bedroom we will actually have a spare bedroom. to google how to poach eggs. and read books. or talk on the phone. (but not to put overnight guests as, dressers or no dressers, the room is still only 7’2″ x 9′ and that’s including the closet.)

so knowing that the second bedroom will be empty by early june, i’ve started thinking about how to finish that room, too. about what will be needed to create a nice little space for doing all the things mentioned above. a chair, for one. (wondering if my dad’s old ply chair might be at my brother’s house in waterloo, which he’s soon moving out of?) maybe a rug. a new door. paint — a pinky terracotta? a yellow ochre? i’m conscious of having too many colours on our main floor, since it’s so small. an egg-shaped planter. and a retro wall clock.

it was with all of this in mind that i poked my head into a few shops on queen east yesterday afternoon, and spotted a wind-up clock in g.u.f.f. for $20 that was pretty much perfect.

the colour couldn’t be more dead-on with the thermos-vase, and both complement the ice cream parlour-cum-desk chair i reupholstered last summer. the only thing is, it’s a wind-up clock so it ticks pretty loudly. doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but we have a $10 wind-up clock from ikea in our bathroom, and the ticking drives pierre batty at night. (handily, our bathroom door now closes.) i was ready to leave the clock at g.u.f.f. for someone else, but pierre insisted i should get it, so long as it was for the second bedroom and not to go on his nightstand.

yep, that whole post was so i could show you our new clock.

4 thoughts on “married to captain hook

  1. That thermos is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve come to appreciate, through your blog, that each piece in a small space says so much unlike in a large space where things just seem to get lost and become unappreciated. One day, we’ll see it in person 🙂

    1. Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say. I certainly feel the same way, about pieces being able to shine in a smaller space. No pressure to rush out and buy a whole bunch of stuff just to fill rooms. And so much fun to have a space just evolve, even if that takes a long time.

  2. You’re a nut! Can’t wait to get started on the closet. How wide is the paper? I need to make sure my paper tray is wide enough.

    1. Paper is 27″ wide and says “use recommended paste for coated paper.” It’s from Hygge and West and more hanging instructions can be found at, ostensibly.

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