b is for backyard

our backyard is pretty big, or, it may just seem that way because our house doesn’t take up much room on our lot. our backyard is also not in the best shape — big, bare, blank, but bursting with potential? we’re trying to take on the yard in increments this summer, working on a small section at a time so we don’t get overwhelmed by our wish list. (which includes a new shed, raised vegetable boxes, a gas line for our natural gas barbeque, perennial beds, and a stone patio.) pierre’s a geologist and i cut my teeth for a few summers in various garden centres, so we are actually feeling pretty confident about the yard, despite the somewhat lofty list.

so, while pierre’s been working in one corner felling trees, i’ve been tackling the tucked away corner underneath our kitchen window, where our gigantic silver maple tree is.

i love our tree, but didn’t have any love for the landscaping, or lack thereof, around it. we drew up a pretty simple design involving a limestone border, black cedar mulch, river rock, a few planters with some annuals — and figured this would be a good spot for our bbq since we can bring the gas line directly to the yard through the basement window. (might as well start with a corner that’s going to be pretty and deliver up some dinner.)

pierre bought all the rock (9 bags of river / beach rock! we had to go back twice to buy enough), mulch, and hens ‘n’ chickens from east end garden centre. the annuals are from bill’s garden centre and the baskets and stands are from an adventure my mom and i had at valu-mart last july.

the view out the kitchen window is officially, infinitely better! and getting the natural gas line installed for our bbq means we’re right on schedule — we don’t have a schedule, but if we did, barbequing over the may 2-4 weekend would be a deadline we wouldn’t want to miss.

update: here’s a photo of pierre barbequing over the may 2-4 weekend. i’m sure he’s never been so happy to get a project done as this one!

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