after the after post

if you read my living room “after” post, you’ll know we just had a few things left on our to-do list before we could finally say this room was done. first thing on that list was rolling the final coat of yellow paint on the third cabinet in our teak shelving unit. i really like pulling elements from other rooms to make the whole house feel cohesive, so i opted to use the same yellow paint on the cabinet that i used on our sewing table-desk, which sits in our second bedroom. the shade is also crazily similar to the bright yellow of our kettle, which is in our kitchen, and also echoes the yellow that’s part of the throw blanket on our couch.

for these reasons, i thought the yellow was a pretty solid choice, but pierre’s see-sawing over it. (he’s actually a little uncertain about the shelving unit as a whole, but i love it, so he knows it’s here to stay.) he admits the yellow is better than the pink it was originally, but thinks it’s a little too vibrant against the light blue walls. what do you think? and if you’re on his side, what colour do you think would be better?

i also wanted to add a few photographs to the empty space between the black cabinet and the shelf above. the shelving unit is modular, meaning we can move the shelves and cabinets to suit, and i wanted to leave a big gap somewhere to hang some photographs — no idea which photographs until everything else was in its place.

as you can see, i chose simple white frames with white matting. they’re 8″ x 10″ frames with matting for 5″ x 7″ photographs. i probably don’t need to explain why i chose to pair the photographs that i did, but the photo on the left is from our wedding day (2 years ago yesterday!) and the photo on the right is from pierre’s 2009 trip to africa.

we also got blinds for our new window. our many neighbours are thrilled, i’m sure. our new window measured 62.25″ x 58.75″ and we wanted to buy the same blinds that we had before the new window installation. we liked the blinds we had before because they were really inconspicuous — white, aluminum, horizontal slats that didn’t hide the trim — and they’re what’s on every other window on our main floor. we didn’t install them (the previous owner did), but we took a wild guess that he might have bought them at home depot.

sure enough, we found the blinds at home depot pretty quickly, but when we consulted the price chart, we were pretty floored to find out simple blinds of the measurements we needed would cost $217. after talking to a very helpful, very russian sales associate, we found out a much more cost effective method was to purchase the blinds off the rack and she cut them to the right width while we waited. the length we could adjust at home, just by removing as many slats as we needed to (like taking links out of a wristwatch band) and trimming the line.

so, unless pierre has me go back and repaint that yellow cabinet, we’re moving our attention away from the living room and into the backyard for as long as the warm weather lasts.

we’re very lucky to have a large city lot (actually, it’s probably an average size lot, it’s just that our house is so small our backyard seems massive), but i think we’re finding — like the house — it’s much easier to have a little, rather than a lot, of space! for the last year and a half we’ve been looking out our kitchen window at our backyard and wondering where on earth to start.

well, with the wind storm we had in toronto on monday blowing the doors clean off our tin shack/shed we think we’ve been given a sign.

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