black doors, they never get dirty

after spending the last few months admiring the results of major door salvage project 2011, i felt transforming another door in our house would be a move in the right direction. i thought the french door that separates our foyer from our living room seemed up to the challenge of becoming a svelte black, but — sigh, sometimes this happens — pierre felt differently.

before: behr toasted marshmellow

but, i had a vision and a half a quart of black paint left over, so i went to work in photoshop to convince pierre a black door was exactly what was needed to complete the foyer. several days of cajoling, pouting, and exclaiming “see? you can’t possibly tell me that doesn’t look a hundred times better” later, we have another black door.

after: benjamin moore black satin

it looks fabulous, right? please tell me i’m right. white or black — which do you prefer?

10 thoughts on “black doors, they never get dirty

  1. Kendal…absolutely love your blog and so very proud of you for having the guts to stop the renovation when it didn’t feel right. Less space, (less debt!) more happiness is bang on! Good for you guys for seeing that.
    Uncle Gord and I both vote for the black. It is stunning and your uncle even said it surprised him as he thought he would have liked the white before he saw your pictures.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting (and voting black!) We’ve been so relieved everyone’s been so supportive of our decision to can the reno; you both will have to visit soon and see the place in person!

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