table from scratch


all right, so this is our beautiful, handmade dining room table for ten, a wedding gift from pierre’s handiest, handsomest friend dave. since i don’t know too much (er, nothing) about making a dining table from scratch, i’ll just give you the back story and then let these photographs do the rest of the talking.

soon after pierre and i got engaged, dave offered anything we wanted out of wood as a wedding gift. headboard? wall-to-wall wine rack? kitchen island? the options were pretty endless because we were still in our apartment, still dreaming of a house big enough to fit wonders such as this.

we decided on a dining room table fairly quickly and dave ordered $1000 worth of walnut on a whim. we planned a wedding, got married, bought a house…and still the walnut remained in pieces in dave’s basement. then, dave got into med school (sorry, ladies, he’s taken) and was going to be leaving toronto at the end of the summer. it was time to build a table for ten.









ta da! the day before dave left for med school, my dad helped us pick the table up from dave’s and it’s been in my parents’ dining room ever since, while we make room for it in our house. it wasn’t easy. this behemoth is 39″ x 102″ and the biggest room in our house is only slightly bigger than those dimensions. (our living room is now our dining room and vice versa, but more on that later.) it’s somewhat heartbreaking to realize that my parents’ dining room can fit not only their dining table for ten, but ours, too. whatever.

next weekend we’re finally bringing our dining room table home! who wants to come for dinner?


8 thoughts on “table from scratch

  1. Can’t wait to see the whole thing assembled in your ‘new’ dining room. Table is incredible, and those gorgeous chairs!! I’m in for dinner. 🙂

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