antiquing in prince edward county

as a last grasp at summer vacation, pierre and i decided to take a quick overnight trip to prince edward county over labour day weekend. i hadn’t been since university, when camping at sandbanks was a popular weekend activity for those of us who hung around kingston all summer. so i thought it was high time to return, this time to check out a few wineries, stick our toes in the water, and clean the region out of its supply of art deco knobs for a tie rack i plan to create out of some of the walnut scraps left over from the building our dining room table.

our second day there was cool, overcast, and windy, which was perfect for a day of rummaging. the last place anyone would want to be on a gorgeous, sunny day is inside a dusty barn, but it’s the only place i’d want to be on a rainy sunday. we started in picton at french country home, which is on the main street. i was pretty excited to go in here, but serious sticker shock ensued, though some of the linens were gorgeous.

next stop was dead people’s stuff just outside bloomfield. there was lots here, especially if you like old tools and vintage sports equipment. pierre found a wooden javelin for $95, which he thought would look great mounted on a wall in our basement, but we decided $100 for something purely decorative was a bit indulgent. plus, i wasn’t sure how i felt about driving 3 hours with a giant weapon poised in our car. i was very close to buying a 1930s industrial heating fan (tag read “old and still works!”), but the owner wouldn’t budge on the price, so we walked away empty handed.

just south of bloomfield, on county road 12, was the best place we stopped in at: maccool’s reuse. they had lots of teak furniture, including a total steal of a couch for $300 (with matching armchairs the trio would run you $450). we were momentarily tempted, as they do deliver to toronto, ottawa, and montreal, but ultimately it could be another year until our basement is sufficiently bug-proofed enough for a couch, so we passed. i fell in love with some antique rugs for $35 that pierre vetoed. lots of pretty vases and bottles, hardware, chipped corning ware, and some neat lights, too. this place is definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through.

slightly up the road from maccool’s, just slightly outside bloomfield, was a place called county traders. pierre considered some 50 cent johnny cash records here, and they had a great singer sewing table, but with the original sewing machine still in place, for sale! my williams sewing table is much more practical for me, but this was a gorgeous sewing table.

we hit the carriage house, which is along hwy 33 between bloomfield and wellington, last. this place mostly does custom wood furniture, so there wasn’t too much to look at in the way of smalls.  the only thing that piqued my interest was two cast iron table legs, that could have easily been painted and turned into something neat. following hwy 33 en route to trenton, we passed a few more places, like the sword antiques, which apparently carries  old firearms and fine porcelain (an interesting combination),  and memory factory antiques, but it was time to get back to the city. what are your favourite country roads for antiquing?

4 thoughts on “antiquing in prince edward county

  1. MacCools is a wonderful gem indeed. I always have to restrain myself in there when what I really I want is to just go hog wild. Beautiful stuff, reasonable prices, quirky finds and always changing. Gotta love it!

  2. I totally had to restrain myself. After all, there really is a limit to the number of quirky vases one should own…but I always think I can find room for one more.

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