door score

riding my bicycle along milverton on saturday afternoon, my renovation radar started pinging. trucks, piles of dirt, pylons. i slowed down for a closer look — and saw these doors curbside. they were the exact doors we needed to make proper use of our new-old door hardware, cut out for one’s iron key included. i wavered over whether or not i should pick them up, but, out for a run on monday morning they were still there, so a decision was made. pierre and i ran home, got the car, loaded the doors into our trunk (for once something fit in the civic), and three minutes later we were back home, two doors closer to the six we’ll eventually need for the house. then i stretched, showered, ate breakfast, and left for work. yep, nothing like executing a side of the road mission before 8:00 in the morning.

luckily for us, for most people renovating usually involves replacing stuff from the 1940s with brand new stuff, not the other way around. and since there’s a lot of building going on in my neighbourhood,  i’m pretty confident that if i just keep my eyes open, i’ll find four more doors like this before the spring, negating the need for custom doors entirely.

for now, these ones are going to get sanded, primed, painted toasted marshmallow, and installed in our house. they’ll replace two of the brand new doors our home’s previous owner installed before putting the house on the market. so anyone looking for 2010 doors will be able to find two curbside in a few weeks time.

5 thoughts on “door score

  1. I can definitely give you a heads up. Mid to late September most likely. I’m eager to get these off my front porch and swinging inside.

    1. Thanks! We’re moving/updating the laundry room (not quite the scale of doubling square footage with a second floor, but I’m still pretty excited about it:). Hence the need for another interior door to deal with the noise factor.

      Well done on scoring those gorgeous doors.
      Clearly I need to start touring the neighbourhood more often …

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