two scoops, please

my parlour chair is done (and water resistant, and hardwood floor approved, and fairly adorable)! this project was done in two separate weekend afternoons, and the final product benefited significantly from my mom’s staple gun skills, sewing machine skills, and ability to cut in a straighter line than i. eager to get started — the bbq was already lit when i asked, “well, how long would it take to get this thing apart anyways?” — decades-old chair gunk began to fly in my parents’ foyer before my engine had even cooled in the driveway.

after that it was just a matter of polishing the frame with some chrome cleaner (meant for the shiny parts on yachts), cutting a square (ish) of my fabric, and getting maniacal with a staple gun. we did realize, too late, that we had stapled the fabric over the holes for the screws pre-drilled into the bottom of the seat, but luckily the fabric i chose wasn’t too hardy or anything. my dad muscled the screws back into place.

i found black rubber feet to replace the rusted ones for $1.49 at home depot. three of these rusted feet came off without issue, but the fourth required a hot towel, one of those grippy cloths you use to open jam jars, and, finally, a wrench from pierre’s grandfather’s tool box. (in my typical fashion, this step was done as i was 10 minutes late for meeting some friends.)

the pillow was left for another sunday. after rummaging at the gladstone’s aptly named rummage sale (finding some promising looking industrial lights for hanging over the dining room table, but ultimately leaving them for someone else), i returned to my parents’ house intent on learning to sew. or at least nod encouragingly as my mom walked me through using the machine that created so many of my hallowe’en costumes.

i would definitely need a map if i was ever going to thread that machine again myself, but it was a pretty successful endeavor. and now i have somewhere to sit!

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