home again

brass backers for $5 each at home again.

i was tipped off about a store in leaside called home again by a mid-century modern loving home depot staffer, with whom i got into a long conversation about door hardware, where in and around the city to pick up the best cast offs, and his dining room table. i mentioned that i was on the look out for brass backers and 1920s bolt mechanisms to get my glass doorknobs in (authentic) working order and he told me home again would be a one-stop shop for sure.

i nearly audibly tweeeeed when i walked in and saw this wall of “old treasures,” as they call them there. and $60 later, i was the owner of enough bolt mechanisms and backers to retrofit our entire house, pre- and post-addition. i even learned how to open up the mechanisms and switch them from right-swinging to left-swinging if necessary.

unfortunately, custom doors are now necessary in order to make everything functional and not just pretty to look at. i’m pretty sure i’m the only person involved in this renovation who is not terribly annoyed by that.

what do you think?

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