refinished sewing table

sewing table all done and cozily ensconced.

my sewing table is all done, and cozily ensconced in our second bedroom. i’m super happy with the result, especially given what it looked like before! for two sundays i gloved, goggled, and gas masked myself in the backyard and steel wooled my way through layers of rust and spray paint. (if you’ve ever worn latex and grade 7 science lab googles in 30 degree heat you have an idea of how much fun that was.)

several singed arm hairs, 6 cheap paint brushes, dozens of balls of steel wool later, and an endless number of times hearing katy perry’s “friday,” the base had gone through a transformation:

painstakingly stripped of paint and rust.

the primer was supposed to take 4-5 hours to dry, but my basement was so humid that after 24 hours it was still sticky! i hoisted the dehumidifier onto the workshop table and positioned a fan directly onto the base to help it along, and after 2 days it was ready for its first coat of paint.

one coat of trem-clad paint in yellow.

i was hoping, with the primer, one coat of paint was all it would take, but it needed a second to get that real “taxi” colour i was going for. it’s hard to tell from the picture, but there’s a greenish tinge to the yellow here, but that all got taken care of with the second coat.

11 thoughts on “refinished sewing table

  1. Hey Kendal! I stumbled onto your blog from Covet Garden, great stuff! You’re an East York thrifter after my own heart! What are your favourite vintage furniture shops in the East End? Guff’s is a fave of mine too, although as I’ve run out of space in my house I have to limit myself to thrifting cool kitchen objets-de-70’s;). Although my Vitamixer is actually circa ’81.

    Anyways, nice to find another vintage fiend in the East End …!


    1. Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by! I love GUFF, Pied a Terre for whimsical French stuff, and Ethel for kitschy 50s stuff! My house is itty bitty too (one of those post-war bungalows), but I’m getting ready to build a second storey this fall so that will make for lots of interesting blog posts…and lots more space for vintage finds!

      1. I be sure to stay tuned for more finds:). Would you believe that I visit each of the place you named last week? LOL. Scored two 70’s lamps for my living room to complete the rustic-retro them I’m working on.

        Second floor addition = exciting stuff. I wish I had the same excuse for lack of space. We just have way too much stuff;).

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