smash sewing table find

williams sewing table for $180 at smash in the junction.

a few weeks ago I began a sunny saturday in the junction with brunch at littlefish, and then spent hours poking around the design shops on this short stretch of dundas west. my favourite find of the day was this canary yellow sewing table from smash. owner paul had had it in the shop since the wednesday before i wandered in, and it was tagged at $250. when he saw me checking it out he told me i could take it off his hands for $180. sold!

after struggling for a sweaty 20 minutes trying to fit the table in the trunk of my civic – problem solved with the loan of a screwdriver from paul (why does nothing i buy fit in that car?) – i got the table home and into my workshop. it’s been waiting patiently down there for me to figure out how i’m going to refurbish it so it can be used as a little writing desk.

the yellow paint is flaking, and underneath all the flaking paint is a whole lot of rust. plus, there are these cute little wheels on the base of the frame that are rusted over and the wood top could use a good polish. i’ve done a bit of research and i think i’m finally ready to get started on this project this weekend. the first step is going to be to flex my credit card swiping muscles at canadian tire.

i’m going to start with a paint thinner and then scrub the cast iron base down with mineral spirits. i’ll get any rust flakes with a stiff metal brush, and then use a conversion coating to turn any remaining rust into a compound that will accept a fresh coat of paint. a light-coloured metal primer, two coats of new yellow paint, and finished off with an epoxy, i hope to have this table looking better than new in a few weeks. a big bonus would be to get the wheels on the base spinning again, but they’re good and stuck as far as i can tell. any suggestions?

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