fenelon falls finds

thermos for $25 from grr8 finds in fenelon falls.

i was super excited to read what’s up whimsy’s post on antiquing in cottage country because i was headed that way myself this weekend. like shannon, i would highly recommend grr8 finds and grr8 finds 2 next door, on fenelon falls’ high street. in the back of the main, larger store, I picked up this adorable tiffany blue thermos for $25 and i think it will look great as part of a vignette on my desk (which i’m busy refurbishing in my basement…before and after pics to come). in grr8 finds 2, i found 3 framed prints of 1900s model cars for $8, stamped myron angus art gallery 586 yonge st. their ultimate destination will be our oneday nursery, but until that room exists i’m not sure what i’m going to do with them. they’re way too sweet to be tucked away in a box, so they might find a home in our 2nd bedroom for now.

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