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a very minimalist christmas to you

many, many christmases ago, i received a cassette tape from my nana called "it's christmas time, again." it featured four stories (two to a side); the first story starred talking squirrels discussing the meaning of christmas, the second one is about the origins of the hymn "o little town of bethlehem." i don't know the… Continue reading a very minimalist christmas to you

victoria | oak house

kitchen plans

when we were getting ready to move last spring, my mom asked if there was anything she could do to help. i'm sure she meant packing, cleaning, taking care of frankie or making some phone calls for me, and i was like, "yes — can you please go to ikea and buy me 25 packages of… Continue reading kitchen plans

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largish gatherings in smallish spaces

some photos from our first house! *sobs* six months into living in our new house, i'm still not really over our first place. like a first love, i probably never will be. this was the house that taught me about hosting gatherings in a small space, the topic of this month's small family homes blogger… Continue reading largish gatherings in smallish spaces