when we first came across our 710 square foot bungalow in danforth village in october 2010, we loved it for its character, large yard, great location, and civic-sized driveway. unfortunately, it was a lot too small in our opinion, and we walked away from it.

after bidding on another home nearby, but walking away from it after a particularly dispiriting home inspection, we came back to the little bungalow for a second (and third, then fourth) look, and then decided to buy this little house and add a second storey addition.

we moved in december 2010 and began planning right away. the budget skyrocketed, a giant maple tree in our backyard balked at the plans, and then a structural engineer suggested we might just want to tear the whole thing down and start from a hole in the ground.

meanwhile, as 2011 raced by, we’d been growing to love the little house exactly as it was. we’d gotten creative about storage, choreographed a morning one-bathroom dance, and planted herbs in the backyard. we researched the history of our house, and were beginning to feel like we were adding our part to its story, too. it made me nauseous to think about losing our front porch, our original trim, and the mature and gorgeous peony out front. in short, we began to question whether or not we even needed all that extra space and the giant debt to pay for it — maybe we just needed an attitude adjustment and less stuff.

in november 2011, one year after signing the sale-purchase agreement, we pulled our permit applications from the toronto building office and the urban forestry department and decided to make a go of living in this little bungalow exactly as it was. this blog is all about our tiny home improvements, latest side-of-the-road furniture finds, and our ongoing battle with the neighbourhood raccoon population.

thanks for reading and don’t be shy! — i love reading and responding to comments so please say hello, and feel free to share updates about your home projects, too.

what do you think?

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