glass and brass side tables

i never posted about this, but the weekend that pierre and i stayed at creasy’s cottages in prince edward county earlier this summer, i picked up some deck chairs from a small place on route 33, i think called the carriage barn. they needed (still need) some serious tlc, but i pictured them on our front porch with a glass and brass side table in between them when they were all refinished.

i really can’t explain where the idea for a glass and brass side table came from, but i just thought the combination would work. i didn’t want a little wooden table since the chairs are wood, the porch is wood, the railings are wood, etc. and i also didn’t want a table that would pair with the chairs and make the trio look too much like a “set.” somehow the vision of the glass and brass showed up and wouldn’t leave me alone.

i’ve been half looking for one since the beginning of the summer, but nothing was ever quite the right size or price. i found one that was both smaller and rounder than what i pictured on craigslist for $20, but in addition to not being quite right, it was in markham. a few weekends ago, pierre and i stopped by chalet 62 — a small modern vintage outpost in erin, ontario — on our way to visit his parents and she had one, but it was $100 and i wasn’t $100 certain it would look great with the deck chairs.

but, on my way home from getting groceries this afternoon, i spied two glass and brass side tables hanging out on a cosburn avenue curb.

right size, right location, right price! they were both in perfect condition, but i picked up just one at first as i really only needed one for the front porch. however, after i got home and had tried it out with the deck chairs, i decided to go back for the second table.

i think i’ll use one outside (once i get around to sanding, priming, and painting the weathered deck chairs) and am saving the second one for inside the house. i think it would make a great bar cart — the castors could be removed and replaced with small wheels. or it might just look good as an end table. there’s really no room upstairs, so this would be for the basement, once we get it all dug out and are ready for furnishings.

and if the second table isn’t needed after all, i’ll pay it forward and put it out on our curb for someone else to gleefully stuff into their passenger seat.

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3 thoughts on “glass and brass side tables

    • As much as I keep my eyes open for the good stuff, most items left on the curb are, in fact, garbage. Sometimes I’ll cart something home before I realize it’s garbage, and then it goes back on the curb. But these tables are the real deal! Loving them.

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